What is a Video Alarm?

Indoor or outdoor, right where you
need it security.

We took our expertise in solving outdoor security challenges and brought it inside – with a completely wireless system that installs anywhere you need it, runs on batteries and sends video alarms over a cellular network or the IP network.

Outdoor MotionViewer

Interactivity – Security with smart app capabilities

VidALARM meets consumer demands with an interactive smartphone app that provides the reassurance and convenience of remote arming/disarming and Look-in request.

Videofied App

Ideal for upgrade and standalone installations

VidALARM is the most cost-effective way to upgrade existing alarm and camera systems or install a VidALARM alarm to future-proof new installations.

Indoor MotionViewer and Control Panel

The convenience of network compatibility

IP/Cell network compatibility means that the VidALARM system transmits video alarms on the most common cellular networks or IP networks, for consistent and reliable performance.