Copper Theft

coppertheftCopper theft can happen anywhere and usually does…that’s why you need security that can go anywhere to protect remote assets outdoors. If there is a cell phone signal available, we can protect it.  Since VidALARM requires no power and is completely wireless, the system can be installed during early-stage construction projects, before the IP networks and fences, when copper is most vulnerable. VidALARM provides a video of the intruder as the crime starts for immediate review/dispatch, so you don’t find out about break-ins and damages hours or days later!

Benefits for Site at Risk of Copper Theft

  • Outdoor/Indoor operation in harsh environments for years on one set of batteries
  • Communication with Central Station monitoring over the cell network
  • 500-1,000 foot wireless range between the MotionViewer camera and panel
  • 40 foot detection, illumination, camera range
  • Wireless installation means that cameras can easily be repositioned as needs change
  • Entire system (including the panel/communicator) is wireless and cordless