Strip Malls/ Vacant stores

stripmallsThe Problem

The economic downturn means that there are many vacant suites in commercial strip malls.  These unprotected vacant stores are targeted by burglars as easy access points to the adjacent retail outlets.  The typical attack involves the thieves simply cutting a hole in the wall between the vacant site and the store and avoiding the sensors on the doors and windows of the facility being targeted.  The valuables are simply removed through the hole in the wall without triggering the existing alarm.

The Solution

Wireless MotionViewers are easily installed on either side of the protected property, mounted in the vacant site itself.  Any intrusion into the vacant suite will trigger the MotionViewer and send the video clip for review/dispatch before the crooks access their target.  Wireless communication and no power cords make protecting vacant stores an easy and affordable option.

  • Cost effective rooftop protection secures HVAC from copper theft
  • Affordable protection from attack from adjacent vacant stores
  • Priority response from law enforcement to crimes in progress