dealershipsVidALARM can be great for protecting new cars in outdoor lots once the dealership is closed for the day. Since the VidALARM system is portable, MotionViewers can be moved around to protect different areas as inventory shifts. Mounting MotionViewers directly on the cars using magnetic mounts protected by leather pads is one easy installation option. VidALARM can be a great compliment to existing CCTV installations. VidALARM detects the intruder and sends the alarm/video for immediate review. Once alerted, the owner can log into the CCTV system for additional follow-up.

Benefits for Dealerships

  • Affordable outdoor protection against catalytic converter thefts
  • Portable/moveable installation can be reconfigured as inventory changes
  • Combine VidALARM with an existing CCTV surveillance system for immediate alerting/dispatch