warehousesWarehouses often harbor birds, mice, bats and other sources of costly and annoying false alarms so using video to verify alarms before dispatch is especially important. For warehouses that are not climate controlled, Videofied’s outdoor MotionViewers can withstand temperatures from negative 20 to 140 degrees¬†Fahrenheit.¬†Because MotionViewers are wireless and need no power cord, they can be moved and repositioned as the inventory shifts or reconfigured to protect pallets of high value goods.

Storage facilities often hold millions of dollars-worth of inventory and are targets of cargo theft.  Video verified alarms and priority response from law enforcement is crucial to reduce insurance claims.


Benefits for Warehouses

  • Cost effective wireless installation with no power cords or cables
  • Easy reconfiguration as needs change
  • Video verification reduces costly and frustrating false alarms