Energy companies require a security solution for substations that is effective, affordable and scalable–VidALARM is the answer! Unlike CCTV cameras or DVR-based systems, VidALARM does not need to be on the substation’s IP network.  All communications can happen over the cell network.  VidALARM 900MHz RF is military grade and operates in the difficult substation environment.  VidALARM MotionViewers can be placed to protect the copper grounding cables as well as the cable troughs.  VidALARM alerts companies about break-ins when they are occurring so action can be taken immediately, before the actual damage occurs. Video verification is crucial for critical infrastructure because a few extra minutes in response could mean potential outages and significant costs to repair.

Benefits for Substations

  • Wireless and cordless installation brings down costs
  • Affordable enough for co-ops, effective enough for investor owned facilities
  • No need to tie into the substation IP network
  • Priority police response protects critical infrastructure, without the false alarms