Benefits of Video Alarms

With more than 500,000 installations in 58 countries around the globe, Video Alarms are quickly being recognized for the advantages it brings to entire communities.

Benefits for Property Owners

The benefits of VidALARM for commercial and residential customers begin at installation; wireless installs are fast and cost effective. As an upgrade to existing burglar alarms, VidALARM smoothly integrates to the current burglar alarm to enhance an existing system with video for faster police response. For new installs, VidALARM offers a complete standalone system with keypads, sirens, door contacts and other peripherals. Wireless installation, cost effective, faster police.

Wireless VidALARM sensors can be installed wherever sensors/cameras are needed.

Video verification of a burglary means faster police response to a crime.

The sooner law enforcement arrives on scene, the less time intruders have to inflict injury, steal or damage property.

Faster response times lead to more arrests and lower insurance claims.

No wires to cut. Reliable wireless performance means that even if the MotionViewer is removed by an intruder, it can continue transmitting video for police response. See Example 1 and Example 2.

Benefits for the Insurance Industry

As burglar alarm systems grew in popularity, the growing number of false alarms diminished their effectiveness and demoralized responding officers. Alarm response became low priority. Video alarms, combined with prioritized police dispatch, policies deliver faster response because they are treated as a crime-in-progress. Faster response means more arrests, reducing claims for the insurance industry:

When VidALARM alarms lead to arrests, insurers save on direct claims and processing costs.

VidALARM alarms play a significant role in fighting and reducing property crime – not just deterring it. One arrest prevents 30 additional burglaries.

VidALARM alarms are raising performance standards for the entire security industry.

Crimes such as copper theft leave insurers with claims that are greater than the value of the stolen property, due to associated property damages. VidALARM’s role in stopping copper theft has a huge impact on lowering claims.

Samples of Verified Alarm Ordinances/Policies that Impact Loss Control

Insurance Thought Leadership article: How Video Alarms Reduce Claims

Sample of Insurance Risk Management Report recommending VidALARM

See actual footage of crimes confirmed by VidALARM.

Benefits for Law Enforcement

Video-verified alarms provide immediate and actionable information, for greater situational awareness, officer safety and more arrests. The monitoring station operator is a virtual eyewitness to the event. As a result, VidALARM is the only security system ever endorsed by any national law enforcement association (See Announcement PDF), for reasons that include:

Better use of department resources by preventing dispatches to false alarms.

Greater safety for the responding officer aware that an actual intruder is present.

More effective dispatch policies prioritize crimes-in-progress over standard burglar alarms. See Priority Response.

Higher arrest rates mean a safer community and lower crime rates.

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