HVAC / Rooftops

hvacVidALARM is a great solution for HVAC units because it is verified–no dispatching the police to catch geese landing on the building! The system is especially easy to install on rooftops because it is wireless, eliminating the need to drill holes, run cables and other special concerns for rooftop installations. Unlike many HVAC switches and contacts, MotionViewers can be installed well away from the actual HVAC units, so installers don’t need to be messing with the HVAC units themselves and potentially exposing your company to unnecessary liabilities.

Benefits for HVAC and Rooftop Applications

  • Portable “bucket cams” are one easy installation option  

  • Video verification is often the only way to motivate police to access the roof
  • VidALARM and priority response often deliver police before the damage occurs