All Video Alarm Products

Control Panels

The control panel is the hub of our system, communicating with VidALARM Video Alarm Cameras and peripheral devices over military-grade RF and transmitting video alarms/signals over 3G cellular and/or Ethernet (IP) to the central monitoring station.

Videofied Indoor Control Panel (XT-IP630)Indoor Panel (XT-IP3G)
Videofied Outdoor Control Panel (XTO-IP630)Outdoor Panel (XTO-3G)
Videofied Ethernet Control Panel (XT-IP620)Ethernet Panel (XT-IP)

Control Panel Power Options

VidALARM control panels can go completely cordless with batteries (4 lithium D-cells) or be powered by a 12V DC power adapter (with surge/lightning protection) that includes 3-6 month battery backup.

Videofied BatteriesBatteries
Videofied Power AdapterPower Adapter

Arming Devices

Videofied Indoor Keypad (XMA)Indoor Keypad (XMA)
Videofied Indoor Keypad (WMB) Indoor Keypad (WMB)
Videofied Proximity ReaderProximity Reader
Videofied RemoteRemote

Video Alarm Camera

Our Video Alarm Camera are integrated PIR/Camera devices that provide the critical video verification of an alarm event. Get priority police response to your property for a real intrusion.

Videofied Indoor MotionViewerIndoor Video Alarm Camera
Videofied Outdoor MotionViewerOutdoor Video Alarm Camera

Peripheral Devices

Supplement a basic VidALARM system with these input and output devices.

Videofied Door/Window ContactDoor/Window Contact
Videofied Door/Window Contact + TerminalsDoor/Window Contact + Terminals
Videofied PIR Motion Sensor PIR Motion Sensor
Videofied Indoor SirenIndoor Siren
Videofied Outdoor Siren/StrobeOutdoor Siren/Strobe


Videofied Proximity Tags Proximity Tags
Videofied Outdoor Mounting Kit Outdoor Mounting Kit
Videofied Magnetic Mounting BaseMagnetic Mounting Base
Videofied Battery EliminatorBattery Eliminator


With the VideoApp4All smartphone app you can remotely arm/disarm your VidALARM security system and request Look-in from any Video Alarm Camera at any time.